domaine vermilion viini

The history behind the passion

our wines

Northern Italy is the home of many native grapes: Arneis, Cortese, Dolcetto, Moscato, Grignolino, Ruché, Avana and Baratuciat, to name only a few. Vermilion Vinii has used these to make an impressive variety of reds, whites rosés. The winery demarks itself in the world of wine by producing a great variety of unique tastes found nowhere else in the world.

our philosophy

Though with time the winery has adopted some of the more popular wine varieties to cater to North American palates, it persisted in growing those hardy varieties imported originally by Vino. The winery has continued it's tradition of experimentation and has perfected their trials with modern vinicultural science.

The winery takes the approach that vines need to grow with as little human intervention as possible to bring out their unique strengths. Vermilion Viini uses no pesticides or artificial sweeteners of it's wines. The wines are processed in impecable modern facilities with the greatest care to maintain the purity and freshness of the wine.

our history

The winery was the insparation of Vino Revello, an immigrant to Canada, who saw there the potential of developping new wines with older less popular grapes native to the colder climates of Italy's alpen areas.

In the early 1950s, the winery was more of a farm than a vineyard but after many years of importing and transplanting different grape varieties, Vino was able to determine which grapes were best suited to Belleprovince climate and terroir. These many years of experimentation were not easy, as much of his findings were based on trial and error, as viniculture was more an art than a science at that time.

Vino's passion for wine, inherited from his wine growing ancestors, persisted however and in the late 1970s some of his red wines began to gain in popularity. Vino continued to experiment and produced over time many award winning wines.

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